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White Jeans Styling: White on White or Black on White?

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White jeans are the dreaded members in the family of jeans. They are not very flattering on everyone. If you are as clumsy as I am then getting something spilt on them in the span of 30 minutes after putting them on and staining them for good is a very high probability.


Other than being a slob yourself, white jeans are not easy to style for heavier body types. Whenever I put on white jeans I instantly take it off if I have gained weight because they make you look thicker than you are plus every imperfection is on display. Going about your day can have dirt clinging to your panty lines, defining and sketching the shape exactly and you have to be careful where you sit, which I never am.


Despite all of these things, they make fun and cute outfit companions. One thing that I always say for any outfit is, “Wear it as you own it” which means be confident in how you carry, what you carry. Confidence does the most in carrying an ensemble to a stunning spectacle.


All that being said, here are a few outfit ideas to help you pair your white jeans in the most comfortable stylish ways you can without going insane about maintaining them.



White Jeans and Black Top



The contrast between black and white is the safest combo you can go for. Here are three outfits for the same combination that can suit different occasions and you can play with your comfort zone.


  • As with the first outfit picture, if you do not have to be sitting in a place that is outside and is prone to collecting dust, tuck the top in. The tucked in look is chic in more than one ways. If you are carrying a winter coat or even a jacket that you can easily put on and take off then you should definitely go for this look. 


  • As with the second outfit picture, add a blazer to the first ensemble and you have yourself a semi-formal outfit. Add a statement necklace for a more casual look.


  • As with the third outfit picture, you can pair a simple black sleeveless top with the white jeans. This one is the most simple, safe, and casual outfit to carry. Play with the length, if you are going to be sitting in public places, like park benches, then it might be smart to wear a top that covers your butt.


White Jeans and White Top



Going for white on white can be a bold choice. In my eyes, you have to be really confident in yourself to pull white on white. Yet, if you would like to break the monotony in a tiny bit while still maintaining the essence of white on white then I have the trick for you.


  • As with the first outfit picture, Crop tops are trendy and it breaks the white and white monotony with you skin showing, a little bit of skin peeking through breaks the white on the white colour palette without you having to add any other colour. White block heels are a good finishing touch to the ensemble.


  • As with the second outfit picture,  you can, instead of breaking the outfit pieces, add another piece of clothing with a solid colour and match the shoes to your jacket or scarf or coat that you are adding for a colour pop to balance out the colours in the outfit.


  • As with the third outfit picture, white shirts are the staple of the fashion world and most of the times you can never go wrong with them. Tucking in a white shirt in white jeans gives you an opportunity to sneak in a little colour and break the monotony by adding a belt with a pop of colour or in this case black with gold buckle. Metallic-tinted boots also give a subtle colour variation to the look.


In the essence of being confident with what you wear yet being in tune with the trend, there are multiple ways to pull off the same look, instead of shying away from a style or clothing article, in this case white jeans, try to take elements that work for you and add it to the dreaded piece, that is sure to change your stance towards the piece and introduce you to a new style.


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