Tumbbad Review: Sohum Shah’s Tumbbad is a must-watch visual,horror treat!

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Director: Rahi Anil Barve, Anand Gandhi

StarringSohum Shah, Anita Date, Jyoti Malshe, Harish Khanna, Mohd Samad, Deepak Damle.

Genre: Horror-Thriller

This Friday, Sohum Shah’s critically acclaimed “Tumbbad” released in India. The mythological thriller has all from visuals to eerie characters, scary sound-effects, dark light setup, and a captivating story in horror.

Did you just read ‘Story’ in Indian Horror movie?

Yes, Surprisingly the movie sketches an interesting plot that revolves around the uncanny mythological folklore. Set in a small village, Tumbbad Maharashtra, the movie takes you on a roller coaster ride with hoary town secret that is claimed to have hidden treasure. Directed by Rahi Anil Barve and Anand Gandhi, the narrative highlights a supreme deity, who nurtures her first evil child in the womb. The evil child is cursed, yet a blessing for people of Tumbbad. The damage happens when people of Tumbbad starts worshipping the cursed child.

Sohum Shah plays the protagonist, Vinayak, who is determined to get the rights and wealth that he acquired from his ancestors. He finds the way to hidden wealth, risking his life every time to gain bits and parts of treasure and sustain his family. The whole plot showcases his three different life phases with plot finely divided into three chapters, starting from the British rule era 1918 to Independent India,1947. The story questions the extent of human’s greed for money.

Tumbbad is a visual treat for audiences, perhaps best of the year. The camera settings, light tones, location, costumes all perfectly goes with the movie’s mood. The makers of Tumbbad kept everyone glued and horrified from first scene itself. The flow and suspense in the movie are commendable, leaving no single minute without twist. A special mention to Production, VFX and Makeup team. We can figure out their efforts that gives an astonishing experience of moments, totally justifying the plot.

Earlier this year, Tumbbad became the first Indian film to be premiered in the 75th Venice International Film Festival and also screened at El Gouna Film Festival and Fantastic Fest. The film is released in Hindi, Tamil and Telegu.

In the current trend of romantic-commercial movies, Tumbbad definitely stands out from the league. The movie set in cultural, traditional tunes successfully grabs audience attention and has immense potential to reframe the standards of horror film-making pattern in India. The movie features strong horror, visuals and sound-effects which makes Tumbbad clearly unsuitable for the soft-hearted crowd. Sohum Shah’s Tumbadd is competing with Kajol’s Helicopter Eela, Jalebi released today

Kudos to team Tumbbad for making an outstanding artistic film. We strongly recommend you to watch movie ASAP!

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