Summer Health care tips 2019

Summer Health Care Tips 2019- Stay fit this Summer

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It’ almost a million degrees outside right now and it feels like the devil just opened a window in hell. At the risk of sounding dramatic (just like this oppressively hot summer season), we’re quite literally capable of thawing a steak in our pants, at loggerheads with even our pets to hog the AC and working on the day-time beer drinking math to stay ‘cool’ before we somehow dissolve in the scorching heat (sorry, teetotalers).


Unless you’re some kind of a celebrity or billionaire, summertime is not always about whipping out the BBQs, posing in bikinis and jetting off to exotic beaches. In reality, ‘this the season of fatigue, sweat, unsightly tan lines, sunstroke and probably tons of seasonal allergies.


Here are some summer health care tips 2019 that will help you embrace the sweltering weather.


Wear Sunscreen

First things first. Bid adieu to SPF moisturisers (they really don’t shield your skin) and opt for heavy-duty sunscreens with a broad ultraviolet spectrum (above 30 SPF strictly with UVA and UVB rays protection). Do not forget to reapply every three hours if you going to stay outdoors in the sun. Make sure you cover your neck and the décolleté area too along with your face.


Add antioxidants in your diet

This might be the most overlooked step, but it’s crucial to consume a lot of seasonal foods, such as pineapples, mangoes, fresh berries, citrus fruits, and green vegetables to boost your antioxidant intake. They better prepare the body for the summer heat and also improve collagen production, reduce inflammation, and protect the skin from sun damage.


Opt for light, frequent meals

Have light meals throughout the day and include lots of fresh fruits like peaches, plums or melons and liquids in your breakfast. Replace your high starch or fat meals with veggie salads that would keep you cool and healthy during the summer months. If you can, skip the bacon, ham and other meat accompaniments as they are difficult to digest and produce heat in the body.


Prepare yourself for summer infections

The summer season is notorious for the common cold, sore throats, viral infections, and UTIs (ladies, watch out!), thanks to the heat and pollution. It’s imperative to keep a few things handy such as balms with turpentine or camphor oil for quick relief from the common cold. For battling urinary tract infections or skin tan, you can also stock up on nutrient-dense cranberry supplements or sugar-free cranberry juices that are life savers.


Stay hydrated

As cliché as it sounds, hydration is the key to getting through summer. Gulp down at least 8-10 glasses of water every day to avoid dehydration. If water sounds ‘blah’, how about making things interesting with green tea, coconut water, smoothies, or simply gorging on nimbu paani?


Ditch the makeup

It’s totally uncool to go overboard with makeup during summer as it leads to breakouts and skin problems. The trick is going minimal with your foundation and choosing a tinted moisturiser instead that will let your skin breathe. Just don’t forget to use a lip balm with SPF and stick to simple kajal or waterproof mascara that will avoid the Dracula-esque meltdown on your face.


So, go ahead and take these quintessential precautions to sail through summer! Do you have any summer health care tips for us that are not included in this list? Drop in your comments below and let’s all practice health and wellness this summer – together!


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