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If you are very conscious of the money you spend on makeup or are trying to cut back on your expenditure on makeup then understand how important it is to stop yourself from buying palettes that have more colours than you will ever use. One of the most useful tips would be to try out eyeshadow singles from the company that you want to buy from.

Before buying ask yourself which colour suits you best. The urge to have all the palettes to play with can be strong, don’t flow with it, fight the current and make smart decisions. Although there are lots of single eyeshadow pans available for under 500 bucks, today we decided to share with you 3 brands that put out eyeshadow singles for less than 200 bucks and why you can choose them.

Wet n Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Glitter Single

Although the brand offers matte eyeshadow singles as well, We want to talk about the shimmer ones. Some people find working with shimmer a bit more difficult than mattes. If you are starting out then you can face this problem too. It is better to try out a single pan and practice than to invest in a full palette. This glitter single by Wet n Wild comes in 7 shades. They are loaded with big and bold glitters and the cream base is induced with aloe vera and coconut oil. They are crease resistant and long lasting with no fallout.

Miss Claire Single Eyeshadow

We are talking about Miss Claire because of its colour range in eyeshadow category. This range comes in 54 shades, they aim for every colour under the sun. You can buy a single pan of your favourite colour or one of the colour you have always wanted to try. The smooth and silky formulation is perfect to practice and the colour options are great. Some pans have a slight shimmer to it to give you some variety.

Coloressence Single Pearl Eye Shadow

Coloressence is a well-known brand.  Many people would be eager to try out just for the name. If that is the case then they offer 6 shades in single pearl eye shadow range. The smooth texture of the shadow makes the application easier. It is long lasting and requires only one swipe to achieve the desired vibrancy. Depending on how strong a colour you like, you can always build up.

As we mentioned at the beginning of this post, when starting out, it is important to know your shadows. Choose the ones based on the type of shadow, the colour, and the brand. I hope this motivates you to test and be sure before you shell out your money and actually get your money’s worth of use out of it. Try everything that you want before committing to something bigger and costlier.

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