Happy Birthday Aamir Khan

Happy Birthday Aamir Khan: 5 films by Mr Perfectionist that taught us real essence of life


Today, Bollywood actor Aamir Khan is celebrating his 54th birthday. Wishes for the birthday boy are pouring from the fraternity and fans on social media. Popularly known as Mr Perfectionist, Aamir over the year has successfully set a perfect example of quality entertainment, awareness and education through his films and talk shows. Mind that, no other Bollywood actor has been doing such soul igniting films before Aamir Khan marked his territory.


On his birthday,  lets have a nostalgic rewind to the times Aamir taught us the real essence of life through his power-packed, motivational films




For us, the real transformation of Aamir Khan’s film career began with Lagaan. The plot of the film revolves around poor villagers struggling to pay debts under cruel British rule. Well, the character Bhuvan taught us to stay strong and ignited the almost dead patriotism among people using the real love of Indian youth – Cricket. Lagaan also got nominated for  Oscar under Best foreign language film category.


Rang De Basanti


Rang De Basanti marks another masterpiece by Mr Perfectionist. A story about five friends who go from brat youngster to responsible citizen of the country after they act in a documentary. RDB is all the awakening today’s youth need. The film takes a heavy toll on a very crucial issue of corruption after their Air Force Pilot friend passes away in an ignorant crash. Yes,  we can say, it was the first page from where social issue-centric content started breathing in Bollywood. 


Taare Zameen Par


Aamir Khan as an art teacher explored the world of little Ishaan, an 8 years old dyslexic child.  The film massively broke the barrier of communication and understanding between parents and children. TZP is one of the classic pieces of cinema which is and will be shining high above the sky and we cannot thank the makers of the film enough for such wonderful creation.


3 Idiots


Just like Taare Zameen Par, 3 Idiots hit the right chord of one of the biggest yet most ignored social pressure under an Indian education system. Breaking the stereotype mantra of studying hard and excelling in the charts of popular engineering colleges, the coming of age film taught us to run behind excellence not success and believe us every heart felt this message to the core!




Based on the real life of Indian Female Wrestlers, Aamir’s Dangal is all about women power that the often gets tagged underrated. Aamir Khan as Mahavir Singh Phogat trains his daughters in wrestling to win gold at an international platform and become India’s first world-class female wrestlers. With dialogues like Mhari choriya choro se kam hain ke, Mr Perfectionist once again proved that his hold over emotions is brilliant.


Every time Aamir comes on-screen its something unique that comes along. Not so focused on old school romantic comedy, Mr Perectionist is always on toes to bring something fresh that not only entertains but educates too!

Team All Latest Buzz wishes Aamir Khan a splendid birthday.


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