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Blake Lively, the ‘Gossip Girl’ diva is one of the most gorgeous and talented ladies out there. It’s natural for people to look up to her and follow her. Her style gets copied by many of her fans. Similarly, we admire her styling statement. With our undying spirit to look as sassy as Blake, we tried to put together a unique look she pulled effortlessly. This one is a difficult style to recreate, although the pieces are simple they are not widely available and trouser suits, in general, are expensive.


We started our clothes hunting, online of course and guess what… We found the closest match for each accessory the gorgeous lady carried for an amazing bossy chic look. Well, before we put our hours of hard work on display,  Let’s breakdown Blake’s look to see what we need to search for. Her ensemble can be easily divided into three items.


Red Trouser Suit, Black Camisole and  Black Caged Heels



The red trouser suit turned out to be more difficult to find than intended so we settled on one that was very similar in style to what Blake Lively had on, wasn’t crazy expensive, and was a similar colour. Turns out fire engine red is difficult to shop for.





We found this Heine Trouser Suit from You will notice that it is a deeper red than what Blake has on and doesn’t have the trimmings on the sleeve and also the difference in pockets yet this trouser suit serves the same vibe as Blake’s.

It is priced at £89  Get it here


Next up we had black camisole. Now, this is the easiest piece to find, most of us have this already. Maybe, you can also go for a black t-shirt or top that has a low round neck because not much of it is going to be seen anyway.




We found this adjustable Camisole Spaghetti Tank Top that can do the trick. So, what are you waiting for? Grab it from Amazon.

This is priced at $17.99 for a pack of two. Get it here


Shoes turned out as difficult to find as the suit. Some were expensive, some were out of stock, and it seemed like finding almost the same pair is something we need to give up on!






We found these Gianvito Rossi Black Leather Caged Lace Up Stiletto Sandals that were very close and also a bit on the lower pricing than the ones I had encountered.

These were priced at $270 Get it here



Most of the times, some pieces that the celebrities wear are custom made.  Even if they are not, they are from high-end brands so it can be difficult to recreate from pieces found on budget stores. Above all, if you would still like to go for the look then by all means, please do. Presently, all you need is a little patience and a little Sherlock skills… or you can also head on over here and we will do the work for you.



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