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Badla Review: Amitabh and Taapsee’s Badla delivers strong thrills!

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Director: Sujoy Ghosh

Casts: Amitabh Bachchan, Taapsee Pannu, Amrita Singh, Tony Luke, Manav Kaul

Genre: Crime Thriller


After a successful collaboration in 2016 release Pink, Veteran actor Amitabh Bachchan and Taapsee Pannu are back in action together with their new thriller film named ‘Badla’. The film is a remake of 2016 Spanish Thriller ‘The Invisible Guest’. Well, just released film is a perfect Sujoy Ghosh material. After Kahani and Kahani 2, the director has certainly marked his grip over crime thriller genre and with Badla, the bar is raised again.



The film revolves around a dynamic entrepreneur ‘Naina Sethi’ played by Taapsee Pannu. One day she finds herself locked in a hotel room next to the body of her boyfriend named Arjun. Accused of the murder, Tapasee hires prestigious Lawyer Badal Gupta aka Amitabh Bachchan to defend her and find the real murderer. What keeps you intrigued in the film is layered suspense. With various permutations and combinations, Amitabh attempts to uncover the truth and prove Taapsee innocent.


The drama has ultimate heavy dialogues between the two characters which literally makes you bite your nails as each truth unfolds and truth starts standing strong. Constant flashbacks with minute updated versions as Taapsee recollects the step by step event of murder is a bit stress on mind but the final result of all these cinematographic editings satisfies your inner Sherlock to much extent. Director Sujoy Ghosh perfectly synced the Spanish drama dialogues with Mahabharat reference to establish a great connect with the audience.



Tapsee’s as Naina has played a shady character where each frame brings a new revelation about the story she shares with his advocate Badal. Amitabh Bachchan has proficiently played a high-end Lawyer who never lost any case in his 40 years career and believe us the way he digs in and investigates Taapsee, it feels real. On a surprising note, Amrita Singh in the film delivers a strong performance. Her role is limited yet it brings the required a tinch of drama and suspense in the film.


Overall, Badla is a crime thriller in a true sense. The film’s background score adds up to the building suspense. The film’s cinematography aptly fits the mood with the darkly toned setup. Taapsee is naturally brilliant in her character and her on-screen space with Amitabh is again engaging and interesting. Actors Amrita Singh, Tony Luke and Manav Kaul are playing pivotal roles in Badla and also impressed us with their contribution to the plot. Above all, Badla treats the audience with a thrill that was long pending!



We recommend you to watch Badla for a brilliant piece of classic thriller entertainment.



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