Are you holi ready

Are you Holi Ready?

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Well, it’s almost time for us to play the ultimate colour bash of the year- Holi. The festival is full of energy, fun, vibrant colours and most of us just love this celebration to the core. As every coin has two sides, Holi also comes with pros and cons. The festival full of enthusiasm and chill also takes a heavy toll on your skin and hair. With long exposure to sun, harsh chemical based colours, you are likely to make long-lasting damage to the skin. Okay, we are not here to scare you with all the baddies about the festival.  You can enjoy Holi with splashes of colours without harming yourself. 


Let’s check out these few cue-cards before you jump into the coloured party pool



Pro Tip: As you see Holi colours, just run to the bottle of moisturizer. This step is the best saviour of your delicate skin. Moisturizing the exposed parts of skin avoid dry skin. You can choose moisturizing lotion with SPF 15 for best results. If going for natural products, using olive oil or coconut oil can significantly save your skin from damage too. 


Cover Up People

Yes we know, it feels cool to dress like chic and enjoy the splashes of water but you need to decode the real mantra to save yourself from toxic colours. We recommend you to cover up your skin as much as you can. No, we are not saying you to go all boring with your outfit choices, rather using cool add ons like hair scarf, stole, shrugs can do the trick!


Nail it!

Yes, we know last time you spent huge bucks on your manicure and you forgot it will all be gone as Holi is just a week away. Relax! We always have a beauty hack to save you from bad. Apply Nail paint, a transparent one, on nails near tips of your finger to peel off the paint easily after you are done with a the Holi bang. This saves you from awkward disappointment post holi in public places.

*Thank us later*


Tie It

Most of us are concerned about our hair but we play holi like crazy peeps. Of course, Holi comes once in a year. Well, worry no more. We suggest you tie your hair tightly to avoid major damage to the scalp and hair ends. If you can cover your head with a sassy scarf, there is nothing as cool as this look.


Taking care of yourself in the festival of colours, which are hardly herbal is very important. Make sure you work on these super easy pro tips and celebrate the festival with real fun. Stay hydrated, eat good, enjoy to the fullest… after all, that’s what is holi all about!


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